Q: What are your hours?

A: Our scales are open 8:00 A.M. to 4:30 P.M. Monday through Friday and 8:00 A.M. to 11:30 A.M. on Saturday. Must be on scale by closing time.

Q: Why do you not post prices?

A: Due to the daily fluctuating market we do not post pricing online. This gives us the capability to ensure Rick’s Recycling customers receive top dollar quote for your metals.  In order to get current pricing please call us at 814.885.6103 or use our contact form on this website.

Q: Do I need to make an appointment to sell my scrap?

A: No appointment is necessary. If you have a large quantity of scrap metal or need help unloading, call ahead so machines are warmed up if needed. Also, if you have a wide variety of different materials get here well ahead of closing time so we have enough time to service you.

Q: What do I need to bring with me to sell my scrap?

A: Identification is required for all scrap metal purchases. If you are a business a W-9 is required. If selling a car, see question below.

Q: Do you recycle cars and what is required?

A: Yes, we do purchase scrap vehicles. You must have the title, and whoever’s name is on the front of the title must be present with a drivers license. If there are multiple names on the front of the title all names must be present with identification to sign off.

Q: How do I get paid?

A: You will be paid cash! Payment by check is available by request.

Q: How should I prepare my scrap?

A: Sort your metals by type before arriving (copper, brass, aluminum, steel, etc.) Cut your thicker heavy iron into pieces smaller than 36″x18″ to get a higher payout. Strip your copper wiring of insulation to get higher pricing.