Although Rick’s Recycling accepts many forms of scrap metals, there are a few items that we are unable to take for legal, governmental, and/or company policies. We reserve the right to refuse any material that we believe has the potential to be harmful in any way to our environment or may jeopardize the health and safety of our customers, employees, facility or equipment.

Because of these reasons, Rick’s Recycling will not accept the following items:

  • Vehicles with NO title, we will not accept nor do we want on property, do not bring them to us.

  • Oxygen, propane, fuel tanks or any other container under pressure (paint cans, aerosol can)

  • Sealed containers

  • Tires (loose or just on steel rim)

  • Non metallic items such as paper, cardboard, plastic, glass, wood, concrete, dirt

  • Radioactive material

  • Kegs, Railroad Material, Manhole Covers, etc. – unless sold by a commercial entity that would have a reason to rightfully own the property being sold (PA State Law).

  • Scrap containing fluids – such as oil (oil filters), water, antifreeze, solvents, etc.

  • Electronics, ex: Television Sets/Computer Monitors, Computers, Microwaves, etc.

  • Stolen Materials, we will not buy any materials that we believe to be stolen.

Restricted materials.
A scrap processor and recycling facility operator may purchase the following scrap material only if the purchase occurs with a
commercial enterprise:
(1) New production scrap or new materials that are a part of a manufacturing process that are being sold by an
individual, not a company.
(2) Full sized, new materials, such as those used in construction, or equipment and tools used by contractors.
(3) Commercial metal property.
(4) Metallic wire that has been burned in whole or in part to remove insulation, unless the aggregate value is less than
(5) Beer kegs.
(6) Detached catalytic converters.
(7) Railroad materials.